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Danielle Gertner
Danielle Gertner Ownership Coach | Self Mastery Mentor
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Are you ready to unleash the animal within you? We are back with the highly requested Onnit after hours event that is unlike any other. Join Onnit Coach Danielle Gertner for a Primal Flow + Glow experience that will LIGHT YOU UP (literally). Primal flow. Glow paint. Live DJ. Muse microdose mushrooms. Cool people + even cooler vibes. Primal Flow is a ground-based movement modality that encourages play, radical self expression and creativity while simultaneously enhancing your mind-body connection, mobility and ability to access a flow state. Get ready to roll, growl and let your inner animal flow + glow out of you! Animal print attire is highly encouraged! This event is sponsored by Muse - microdose mushrooms to help you wake up to life. I have been personally using their products for a while now and they are truly fantastic. Please note: This class will require you to be on hands and knees for extended periods of time. If you have any serious knee or wrist injuries, please reach out to me prior to registering or kindly wait for another class offering that is not ground based coming soon!

July 15, 2023

Saturday, 1:00am - 2:30am UTC
Spots Remaining:
Price: $35