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Danielle Gertner
Ownership Coach | Self Mastery Mentor
What's up friends! My name is Danielle Gertner and I am an Ownership Coach, Self Mastery Mentor, Speaker, Emcee and Unconventional Movement coach. I wear a lot of different hats but they all hang on the same shelf: inspiring people everywhere to own their shit. Whether we are swinging a kettlebell, a mace, doing Animal Flow or diving into the depths of shadow work, triggers and taking radical responsibility over your life, I promise to leave you with a new perspective, deeper connection to yourself and a deeper love for the Earth suite you are in! Welcome to my corner of the Universe, I am so happy you are here!
Animal Flow Certified Level 1
NASMĀ© - Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)
Onnit Kettlebell Specialist
Steel Mace Flow Level 1

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