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Speakeasy of Strength
We’re stoked you found us. We are a neighborhood fitness spot led by a team of coaches who love linking breath, movement and strength, while nerding out to Star Wars, Keanu and Lizzo. Our fearless leader, Coach Fury, began his fitness journey with the goal to be strong enough to keep up with his kids. Maybe that’s your goal too. Maybe you just want to move well. Maybe you want to feel strong and capable. Maybe you want to learn from the best. Or, maybe you just want to workout around a crew of awesome people. Coach Geoff Hemingway and Fury worked together at the magical clubhouse know as Mark Fisher Fitness in NYC. Now the Tango and Cash of kettlebells are reunited at the Speakeasy and on Somble just for you! Let us share the glory that fitness can bring into your life. You’ll be shocked at how you can defy your own expectations while having fun in the process. At the Speakeasy, our goal is to live long, be strong and DIE MIGHTY!

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