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Damali Fraiser
Kettlebell Coach
Here's where you get coaching with compassion, education and experience. Damali Fraiser is a Senior Kettlebell and Nutrition Coach who explores fitness from an intersectional lens, she is pro-black and anti-diet culture. She began her fitness journey as an amateur Muay Thai fighter. Founder of Lift Off Strength, creator of the first size-inclusive Kettlebell Teaching Course called Coaches Corner. Damali is a compassionate coach and student of strength. Get the support you need to start wherever you are and confidently move forward to where you want to be!
StrongFirst SFG 2 Kettlebell
StrongFirst SFG 1 Kettlebell
Pre/Post Natal
Precision Nutrition Level 1
DV8 Kettlebell Instructor 2021
Poo Choi Kru of Muay Thai
DTS Level 1
Trauma Informed Weight Lifting

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