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Kam Niskach
DPT, Master Trainer
Kam Niskach is an internationally renowned fitness trainer, presenter, and educator. She is a physical therapist that transitioned her career from helping people rehab and recover to helping people get healthy and fit. As a fitness professional, Kam has certified thousands of instructors to teach group fitness classes. In 2017, she was named Master Trainer of the Year for Beachbody LIVE. Before creating her own functional strength training format MetKon Rx, she was the Format Expert that programmed and filmed P90X LIVE for a global community of instructors. She has presented at national fitness conferences including IDEA World and SCW.
Beachbody LIVE Master Trainer of the Year 2017
Doctor of Physical Therapy
ACE Group Fitness Instructor
Creator of MetKon Rx
Creator of Kam Jamz Hip Hop Cardio
Co-Founder of K-POW Nutrition

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