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STOP your toxic relationships
This is part II after DETOX LOVE. This program is for you if you want to stop toxic relationships in all areas of your life and start attracting your soul tribe!
STOP your toxic relationships

STOP your toxic relationships

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STOP your toxic relationships

Day 1
Watch this video - Day 1
Day 2
Watch this video - Day 2
Day 3
Watch this video - Day 3
Day 4
Watch this video - Day 4

Meet Your Coach

Jennifer  Schlueter
Jennifer Schlueter
Spiritual Hypnotherapist & Mentor
Jennifer Schlueter loves empowering people to live a life of limitlessness, expansion, happiness, and fulfillment because we didn't come to this earth to follow society's beliefs about what's possible. She works with individuals as well as groups, and organizations. Jennifer is also the founder and host of the Mind Your Subconscious Podcast.

Who's This For

This is more suitable for you if you've already been through "DETOX LOVE." This is for you if you want to heal toxic relationships and attract your soul tribe.


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