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Jeffrey Ochs
Steel Mace Flow Level 2 Educator
There have been two consistent throughlines in much of my life; a love for movement and being a leader. From my first days in martial arts as a child to being a captain on my high school Cross Country team, I have been looking for ways to combine my love for moving with my desire to add good to the world by developing other people that they might in turn, add their good to the world. For years I did these things separately. I pursued and attained leadership roles and training in every job I have ever had. I sought personal development and mindset training that I used in my career as Purchasing Manager for Zingerman’s in Ann Arbor MI. On the side I taught martial arts to children like the one I had been, became a Personal Trainer and pursued my own training and movement education including Brazilian Jiu Jitsu which lead me to a passion for breathwork through practical application in competition. When Steel Mace Flow was created I found a space where I could become complete and both express myself with movement and develop others. As a Steel Mace Flow coach I will help you use the Steel Mace to unlock your inner strength, agility and empowerment. Having extensively trained as a Steel Mace Flow Level 2 coach and Onnit Academy Steel Mace Specialist, I will teach you to establish powerful foundations and guide you towards creating an attainable flow state in which you can express yourself and grow. Intention & Flow coaching integrates mindset, breath training, goal & intention setting as well as establishing empowering language and self-talk. As a Certified Breathwork Coach, Enlifted Level 3 & Procabulary Coach, a BA in Psychology from Michigan State University and an experienced Crisis Counselor, I will help you establish strong self talk and find ways to tear down your old road blocks and get you moving towards your vision and goals. I am here to help you level up.
Steel Mace Flow Level 1
Steel Mace Flow Level 2
ACE Personal Trainer
Onnit Foundations
Onnit Steel Mace Specialist

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