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Amanda Hudock
Hi! I am a Certified Personal Trainer + Russian Kettlebell Coach. I am passionate in helping every human of all abilities feel strong, capable, and in control of their bodies through movement and strength training. I want to help you become the best physical version of yourself, so you can live your life free of pain and injuries, and full of energy and strength. When you take class with me, expect to train your body as a unit rather than as individual muscles. You will move heavy weights, elevate your heart rate, improve your mobility and stability, and feel more energized than when you came in to class. My goal is to help you see yourself as a stronger and more powerful adult athlete, because yes, we can and should all move like and feel like athletes. I train you how to become stronger and move better so that you can do the things you love in life for longer.
ACE Personal Trainer
Russian Kettlebell Certification (RKC)
Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification™ (HKC)
TRX© Group Training
Yoga RYT 200
ACE Small Group Training

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