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Gabriel Echevarria
Movement & Wellness Educator
Welcome in, my friend!! My name is Gabriel, aka Captain Cordy, and I specialize in all unconventional training methods that include Kettlebells, Landmines, Steel Mace, Hydrocore Bags, primal movement patterns and more! I strive to have this human-meat-suit of a body continue dancing with these tools in order to be the strongest and the most mobile that I can be in all 3 dimensions of movement. And as I explore this painting of 3-dimensional movement, I want your human-meat-suit to join me on this journey! LET’S GO!!
NASM© - Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)
Kettlebell 3D Specialist
BS in Kinesiology from UCF
Landmine University Level 2 Coach
Yoga / Meditation Instructor

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